I am currently a roboticist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where I'm working on Mars rovers, novel power systems for Europa landers, and multi-limbed robots. I am also a pianist/arranger/composer based in Hollywood, and these days mostly play shows and record with a couple local hip-hop groups. This website is a portfolio of interests and projects I have worked on since elementary school. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

And here is a sampling of things I've designed and built in the past few years:

Here are a few selections off my album, Chirality, and features members of my old group in Boston, FunkShui:

Personel: Peter Godart - Piano, Compositions, Adrian Grossman - Bass, Dylan Sherry - Sax, Ariel Wexler - Trumpet, Chris Southiere - Drums. Recorded in MIT's Killian Hall by Ben Bloomberg.

Please see below for links to more of what I've created over the years!



As is true of most other people from the great state of NJ, Peter has been making way too much noise since he was born in 1992. At 8, his parents decided it would be best for everyone's sanity if that noise were somewhat more strucutured and promptly enrolled him in music lessons. A sense of order was developed from the chaos, and within a few years, some "normal" people (as his family referred to themselves) even decided he was worth listening to. At 13, he was featured on an episode of NPR's Pipedreams program titled "Rooting for the Youngsters", in which he performed Bach organ works live from the Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan. Despite receiving favorable reviews, however, that performance was largely his swan song as a classical musician, and in the years since, his musical journey has led him down a path of jazz, funk, and hip-hop, with the occasional Prokoviev-Ellington hybrid piano sonata thrown in. In high school, Peter studied jazz piano under acclaimed Latin-jazz pianist Bill O'Connell, and was inducted into various jazz big bands at the regional, state, and ultimately all-eastern levels. After high school, despite attending MIT, where he double-majored in mechanical and electrical engineering, he continued his music education at Berklee and the New England Conservatory via a various scholarship programs. His mentors in Boston include Ran Blake, John Harbison, and Fred Harris. While at MIT, Peter contributed numerous original charts to the MIT big band and vocal jazz ensemble, and led several small jazz/funk groups that performed extensively in the Boston area. Peter was also featured in a band out of NEC with whom he traveled to Oman to perform for members of the Omani royal family. Peter now lives in Los Angeles where he plays keyboards in and writes music for several jazz/funk/space hip-hop groups and is always open to more collaborations!

If you like what you see, have comments or questions, and/or want to collaborate, shoot me an email at ptgodart@gmail.com or use the form below to get in touch with me. Would love to hear from you!

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